Substituting readings

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: I have a question about substituting readings at Evening Prayer on Sunday. It’s been my practice to substitute the short reading with the second reading of the mass of the day. GILH #46 allows for substitution with longer readings but refers toi 248-249 and 251. 247 prohibits changing readings. 

So, am I wrong?


A:  I honestly don’t know why those paragraphs seem to make exactly the opposite point. The only way I can think to reconcile them is through a generous interpretation of this line from GILH 247: that on Sundays and other days of high rank, “it is never permissible to change the formularies that are proper or adapted to the celebration.” GILH 46 allows substituted formularies such as a reading from the lectionary. So, one could argue that such readings are proper. If that interpretation is not too generous, then it would support your practice because you are not changing formularies proper to the celebration.