Tablet instead of a Missal

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  Hi Father Paul, I just read a question to you regarding a priest using a tablet instead of a Missal. I just wanted to comment. Sometimes I go to Mass at a nursing home, and the priest has macular degeneration, and I’m sure he uses a tablet to enlarge the print. It is still so difficult for him to read, but so glad he tries. Maybe that is the case with the person who asked the question.

Hope things are going will for you.  We still miss you and your homilies at our parish.

A:  Thanks for writing. There is a very large print edition of the Roman Missal for priests who have a hard time reading, but it comes in binders, and some people find it difficult to assemble what they need.

My heart goes out to anyone who wants to follow mass and struggles to see.

Thanks for your comment on my homilies. I hope you remember that you can hear or read them on my web site