Take or receive

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q. In the marriage rite, the revised translation still has the couple say “I take you” but the word in the giving of rings is “accept this ring.” What are the words in Latin? Wouldn’t “I receive you” be better for the consent?

A. In Latin,  Ego N. accípio te N. in uxórem meam et promítto…    I think that the word “take” is retained because of the antiquity of the formula in English.

In Colombia, there are 6 different options for the consent. One of them is, “I N., give myself to you, N., as your spouse, and I receive you as my spouse.” The other responds, “I accept you and receive you.”
For the rings,    N., áccipe hunc ánulum…    As you noted, the word was translated “take” in the first instance and “receive” in the second.