The cross on Good Friday

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Q:  Good Friday Rubric #33 states:

“After the celebration, the altar is stripped but the cross remains on the altar with two or four candlesticks.”

I assume the cross referred to is the veneration cross, from the showing/ veneration of the Holy Cross. What do we do with the cross on the Easter Vigil?  Leave it on the altar?  Place it in the narthex or outside w/white shroud?  Remove entirely?
Thanks again.  Your book has been a great resource to our parish.
A:  There is no direction pertaining to the cross after Good Friday. You are correct that the rubric refers to the cross used for adoration. If it is not otherwise on view at the church, it is sensible simply to put it away. In some places, it is the cross normally used for processions, worship, or veneration. Then it would go back to its usual place.
Thanks for your comment on my book, Glory in the Cross.