Universal prayer

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Q: I have just viewed today’s Australian Plenary Council Mass celebrated at St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney.

During the Universal Prayer, and following the petition, the lector proclaimed “Christ Hear Us” to which the congregation, including multiple bishops, responded “Christ Graciously Hear Us”

My understanding is that the more usual “Lord Hear Us” is a petition to God the Father/Creator and “Through Christ Our Lord”, proclaimed by the presider, is the time to refer to Christ.

Am I correct?

Generally speaking, when the title “Lord” is invoked in the liturgy (e.g. the Collect), it is to the first person of the Blessed Trinity that is being addressed?

Thanks for guiding me, yet again.


A: The dialogue you describe is much in use in many English-speaking countries. There’s no problem asking Christ to hear the petitions.

Generally, the word “Lord” refers to the Father, but there are occasions when it refers to Christ, as in the Gloria, and even to the Spirit, as in the Creed. The collect for the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ uses “God” in the collect to refer to Christ. The context tells you to whom you’re praying.