Vigil of Pentecost

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Q: Our Bishop will come to celebrate the mass of Confirmation and First Communion for our children. I just realized that the liturgy of the Vigil Mass offers 4 readings and 1 Epistle and those readings make me confused about if I should use all of them for mass since the mass for Confirmation and 1st Communion will be pretty long, to be honest. My question is that, would it be possible for me to pick one of the 4 readings and use it as the First Reading of that mass and then the Epistle as the second reading ? Please help me with this when you have a chance. As usual, please also give me your advice on if I should use for the whole liturgy of the Word at that mass. Thanks so much for your help in advance. Have a blessed day, Father!


A: The additional readings for the Vigil of Pentecost are optional. You only need do one. For the reasons you give, it is most appropriate to choose only one of the Old Testament readings.