Visitation of the deceased

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Q: Last November, I and a couple of my team members joined the webinar —- “Ritual Celebration Series-Order of Christian Funerals” hosted by the Diocese of Orlando. All the members of the team including myself found it to be very informative.

There is one question that came up at a meeting that I would like to address: Can an open casket viewing be held inside the sanctuary prior to the Celebration of Life?

I look forward to hearing back from you on what is allowed regarding a viewing at the church, thank you!

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A: Around here, it’s pretty common for a visitation of the deceased to take place in church before the funeral Mass. Commonly the coffin is placed at the head of the aisle, and mourners pay their respects to the family.

OCF 55 says that the Vigil for the Deceased may be celebrated in the church.