Water in the wine

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Q: A question about the drop of water that is added to the wine: is this water “blessed”? I have seen a deacon make the sign of the cross over the cruet before he pours a drop of water in the chalice. A parishioner informed me that this is now “holy water”

In our parish, the same “cruet” of water that is used to mingle the water and wine is used for the Lavabo, so the same parishioner informed me that the Lavabo water is holy water as well.

Can you clarify for me: Is this water considered holy water? Does the rubric call for the priest or deacon to bless this water?


A: The deacon or priest is not supposed to bless the water that he adds to the wine. I’ve seen many of them do it. It’s not correct for the very reason your parishioner suggests. 

A proper blessing of water for baptism or for sacramental use is more involved than a simple sign of the cross, but even so it should not be done this way during mass.