Wedding on a solemnity

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Q: My brother and his fiancée are slated to be married on April 15, 2023.

That day is liturgically the Saturday within the Octave of Easter, which is, of course, a solemnity. I’ve heard that ritual Masses like a nuptial Mass are permitted on solemnities so long as the prayers proper to the day and readings are correct. I’ve also read that one reading can be switched. So, can the first reading be substituted with one from the order of matrimony?

Am I missing something here? 


A: Congratulations to your brother and his fiancée!

If the wedding is taking place on Saturday morning or early afternoon on April 15, and if it is taking place during a Mass, then yes, the presider should use the presidential prayers for Saturday of the Easter Octave, and the readings should be those of that Saturday. The Mass includes a Gloria and the double alleluia at the dismissal.

If it’s late afternoon or evening, and if it’s a Mass, then the readings and prayers are those of the Octave of Easter (Divine Mercy).

If it’s a wedding without Mass, then readings from the ritual Mass for weddings are used.

Because of the high rank that day’s Mass, a reading cannot be switched. However, I see no problem with adding a reading from the New Testament between the psalm and the gospel acclamation. Ideally, it would be one from the readings for weddings marked with an asterisk for their prominence.