Wedding psalm

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Q:  Our pastor has a wedding on Corpus Christi, and he spoke with you about readings since it is a solemnity. We are doing the readings for the solemnity. My question refers to the psalm.  Can the Psalm be changed on this day? The scheduled psalm is Ps. 110, and I was wondering if there was any wiggle room to change it to Ps. 128 for a wedding?

Thanks in advance for your help!


A:  Yes, you have wiggle room.

GIRM 61 says that the psalm “should usually be taken from the Lectionary” – not “must always be taken” from it. And it lists this among the options: “an antiphon and Psalm from another collection of Psalms and antiphons, including Psalms arranged in metrical form, providing that they have been approved by the Conference of Bishops or the Diocesan Bishop.”

So, any psalm and antiphon from a published resource for Catholic worship may be used.