Wedding questions

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Q:  A couple questions regarding weddings…
  • Creed or no Creed? Rubrics are confusing.
  • Lazo… goes after the Lord’s prayer and before the Nuptial blessing?  When does it come off?
Thanks a bunch!

A:  Regarding the creed at weddings, it depends on which mass the priest is saying. If it is the one from the ritual masses of the missal, then no, no creed. However, if he has a wedding at a parish Sunday mass, as I did this past weekend, then the presidential prayers come from the Sunday mass, and all recite the creed because it is part of that mass. In this case the creed follows the universal prayer, which is considered part of the sacramental ritual.

Regarding the lazo, OCM 71B has it “before the Nuptial Blessing,” but “if the lazo has not been placed earlier.” So, yes I generally do invite the padrinos to put it in place after the Lord’s Prayer, but if someone wants it earlier, they are within their rights.
As for taking it off, the OCM does not say. However, the Mexican edition does. It says that when the nuptial blessing is over, the lazo is removed.
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