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Q: I have some questions about two upcoming weddings.

1–This one is on June 22 in the evening which is the vigil of Corpus Christi. I assume we do all the prayers of the Corpus Christi Mass but can change out one of the readings and that we recite the creed after the prayers of the faithful and the nuptial blessing is the same as always.

2–The next one is on June 29, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter & Paul and is in the afternoon. Can a reading be changed out? That wedding is not in our diocese and I’m not the principal celebrant of the Mass so it’s not my direct responsibility but I was wondering.  


A: Both the dates in your questions are solemnities that fall under #3 in the Table of Liturgical Days. That means that a wedding that takes place during mass should use the mass of the solemnity rather than the ritual mass. Permission for changing one reading only applies to weddings that take place during a regularly scheduled parish mass on Sundays in Ordinary Time.

Weddings without mass on these days may use readings from the wedding section of the lectionary. 

Depending on how you define “afternoon”, you could hold that the mass on June 29 is actually anticipating Sunday, and because that particular Sunday is one of Ordinary Time, then you would have permission to use the ritual mass in its entirety, adding the creed.

The creed follows the universal prayer, which is unusual but not unique. There is no change to the nuptial blessing, which is included in all weddings.

I’ve covered this in my treatment of paragraphs 34 and 69 of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony in my book Inseparable Love.