Weekday Cycle

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Q: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

I recently received the next installment of the Lit Press loose-leaf lectionary that we use in our Adoration chapel.  The cover states that “Sunday Cycle A begins Sunday, December 1, 2019” – yes, we know that.  The next line states “Weekday Cycle II begins Monday, January 13, 2020” – I didn’t know that!  I believe we’ve always ‘changed’ the lectionary to the other cycle on the first weekday of Advent.  Other resources I’ve checked says weekday readings cycle II begin the first week of Advent.  Would you clarify please? 


A: The weekday cycle begins with the first week of Advent. But the readings for Advent are the same every year. The only weekdays that are on a two-year cycle are the ones for Ordinary Time.

For simplicity, the lectionary in the US publishes the weekdays in two separate lectionaries, but the Advent readings are always the same.
In 2020, Ordinary Time weekdays begin on January 13, so by that time you’ll need the Year II lectionary. But you should really start using it in Advent, even though either book will work.