Weekday lectionary

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Q: Does your new book, Words Without Alloy, include the weekday Lectionary or just the Sunday etc lectionary ?


A: It includes the weekday lectionary. The commentary is briefer in order to fit it all into one book of 300 pages. But the basic information is there for every weekday of the liturgical year.

Here’s a sample, my commentary on the gospel of Matthew for this week in Ordinary Time:

Matthew’s gospel concludes with the twenty-first week. Monday’s account (23:13-22) appeared in all but the first draft. Tuesday’s was in them all (23:23-26). Wednesday’s (23:27-32) appeared in all but the first. Thursday’s (24:42-51) was in the second and third drafts as verses 42-47, and in the last drafts as 45-51. These drafts included verses that the first edition omitted (24:15-25, 26-28, and 29-39 or 29-36). The gospels for Friday and Saturday (25:1-13 and 14-30) appeared only in the first draft in an eschatological week. The first draft added 25:31-40 to the last week.” 

I address the “eschatological week” earlier in the book.