Music at Mass

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Q:   Our choir members did much deliberation over the understanding of various parts of Mass, particularly in relation to the choice of hymns, namely :

  1. Entrance: it relates to the theme of the Mass rather than a gathering song.
  2. Offertory: Besides hymn relating to bread and wine, there is the element of ourselves being offered together with Christ’s
  3. Communion: More reflective – to ruminate on the gift of Christ in the Eucharist; thanksgjving even

We also had a few debates over hymns that have the singular noun “I” in the lyrics, the contention is that the Mass is a communal worship rather than a personal one.

Are we correct so far? If not please help us in our understanding.

A:   I cover a lot of this in my books At the Supper of the Lamb and Let Us Pray.

Guidelines for musical selections are in the General instruction on the Roman Missal 48, 74, and 87.
Many of the psalms use the first person singular (e.g. “The Lord is my Shepherd). They can be used effectively.