Alleluia in Rubic 34

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Q: The Third Edition of the Roman Missal includes, after the Epistle, the Priest solemnly intoning “the Alleluia three times, raising his voice by a step each time, with all repeating it” (Rubric 34). The rubric indicates that psalmist may do this, but the priest in question here can do it himself. As you point out in “Glory in the Cross” (Pueblo: Collegeville MN, 2011, page 144), this is new to the Missal, although it already appeared in the Ceremonial of Bishops.

We did this last year and the faithful were unable to follow along. We use OCP’s “Breaking Bread” annual hymnal, and that publication does not have the music in Rubric 34, just the text of the first part of the rubric. Our music ministry is convinced that, even with the music written out for them, most of the faithful (indeed most of our music ministers) would be unable to repeat the Alleluia as it appears in Rubric 34.

Our music ministry would like the priest to intone the Mode II Alleluia (as used in O Filii et Filiæ), instead, followed by the cantor intoning that same Alleluia to serve as the Gospel Acclamation. Given the assessment that the Alleluia in Rubric 34 is beyond the congregation’s skills, can we replace it with another setting? Thanks … have a fruitful remainder of Lent.


A: That’s the way we do it at the cathedral with the bishop.

We think of the chant for that alleluia the same way we think of the chant for the acclamations in the eucharistic prayer. Other settings may be used.