Baking a loaf for Eucharistic Consecration

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Q: I am currently reading your new book, Words Without Alloy … congratulations on its publication. Have read your last chapter with special interest, and left wanting more of your insights 

On another matter: Baking a loaf for Eucharistic Consecration for a small retreat group setting.

Are there guidelines for making a loaf of bread for Consecration at Mass? I know the bread must be unleavened, with no additives like salt or honey. Hopefully, wholemeal flour, for flavour, is permissible. And the recipe must guard against crumbling.

Any background to what was custom and practice before hosts got manufactured on mass by machines would also be of interest.

Your expertise in this regard is welcomed, as always.


A: Thanks for getting my book.

The ingredients for eucharistic bread are pretty simple: flour and water. Yes, whole wheat (wholemeal) flour is acceptable.

The most scholarly book on this topic is Fractio Panis, written by one of your compatriots, Barry Craig.