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I got news in the mail about the coming publication of the new Baptism Book.  Anything we need to know (other than the words have been shuffled around – so appears to be “different translation”)?

I also see (in other sources) there is communication with Rome over the revised ordination ritual for deacons, priests, and bishops (and the ceremonial of bishops).  Isn’t this the second “go ‘round for the ordination translations? And aren’t there 2 or 3 editions of the ordination books out there, dating back to the 70’s and/or 80’s? (and more recent)

Then, what’s next? And when? (Lit Hours, Penance, Anointing, others)


Q: Yes, indeed. This is the new baptism book that will replace the old Baptism Book. In the US we may start using it on February 2, and must start using it by Easter. It is a revised translation, and it includes a more detailed explanation of how to celebrate the baptism of an infant during mass. The change is expected to be minimal for most people.

The story of the ordination books is longer than my brain can recall, but I can tell you that multiple English translations have been circulated in the different conferences, and the Vatican has been eager for us to get one common translation. What we’re getting isn’t much different from what we have, but it will be more uniform with the other conferences.

Liturgy of the Hours is still several years away. The same with Christian Initiation of Adults, Penance and Pastoral Care of the Sick. Eucharistic Worship Outside Mass too. All these books are in the works.