Blessing a child in the womb

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Q: This past Sunday after mass a couple asked me to bless their child in the womb. They specifically wanted me, the deacon, to bless – instead of the priest. I did bless the womb and the mother. Please let me know if that was wrong.  I said the prayer. I blessed the womb and the mother with the blessing sign. I did not sprinkle holy water on them. 

Am I allowed to bless them? Am I allowed to bless them with the sign of cross? Should I have sprinkled holy water on them?


A: The USCCB has a special prayer service for blessing a child in the womb:

A deacon may lead the prayer outside mass. The blessing includes the sign of the cross. Holy water is optional.

Thanks for responding to this couple. I’ve used this blessing several times outside of mass, and it’s always a beautiful moment.