Blessing of a Chalice

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Q: We just purchased two chalices, each with a paten, as well as a bowl ciborium.

I found the Blessing of a Chalice and Paten in the Book of Blessings. This blessing seems to be intended for only one chalice. Could we modify it to include both? Also I don’t see a blessing for a ciborium. Is there one?

Thank you for all the clarity and insights you bring to our liturgical questions.


A: Yes, you may modify the blessing accordingly. The blessing for the paten would apply to the ciborium.

There is a revised translation available now in the last chapter of the USCCB’s Order of the Dedication of a Church and an Altar. There should be a copy in your diocesan liturgy office, or in the sacristy of some recently dedicated parish church.

I’ve written a commentary on that entire book, _New Church, New Altar_, which includes comments on the final chapter. Similarly, I have a guide for the people’s meditation on the blessing in my companion book, _Our Church, Our Altar_.