Warning bell

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Q: On a recent blog you were asked about candles and bells at parish Mass. I was on pilgrimage in the Holy Land, and our priest reminded me that the missal said bells could be used, but I replied that the instruction (150) says “a small bell” may be rung. He had no retort. (bg) My favorite is the one that sounds like the bell at boxing matches!

I also remember not only the bells as the elevations but also what the nuns told us was “the warning bell” (not at epiclesis, as Roman Canon doesn’t have one) and the bell when the priest received Communion. So many strange devotions.

Thanks again for all you do to encourage good liturgy.


A: The “warning bell” is still in the rubrics (GIRM 150), but not the bell when the priest receives communion. I occasionally hear it at some church, but it is really not supposed to be rung then.

Blessings on your good work.