Body and blood – follow up

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Q: This is a follow up question to the one on body and blood.

If consecrated hosts remain, yes typically, they go into the tabernacle. Yet on a given weekend/weekday with numbers fluctuating/lack of training of ministers to bring out only what is “needed”, etc., this can end up with a large quantity of hosts in the tabernacle. Ministers would be instructed to “go to the tabernacle” , which defeats the principle of GIRM 85 and SC 55.

Question: just as ministers, in particular extraordinary ministers, consume what remains of the Precious Blood, can they the same be said with hosts – so as not to “overload” the tabernacle? 



A: I’m going to say yes, even though I cannot point to a rubric permitting it. It is already the practice in some circumstances where the bishop has permitted a mass to be celebrated in a hotel hall or scout camp. At times participants will consume the extra hosts at the end of communion, to avoid having to transport them some distance to a church.