Easter Sunday

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: I am saying Easter Sunday Mass for a religious community that has no Easter Vigil tonight. They asked about the blessing of the candle and the blessing of the water. Do I simply use the rituals indicated for the Easter Vigil?


A: There’s no problem omitting the Vigil and just conducting the Easter morning mass like an Easter morning mass. As you recall, even at a normal Easter Vigil, it opens with a blessing of fire, not a blessing of the candle proper. You or the sacristan may prepare the candle in the sacristy before mass tomorrow morning. The candle is lighted before mass, as at any other mass in Easter Time.

Similarly, no blessing of water is needed. You have the option of the sprinkling rite to replace the penitential act at the beginning as on any Sunday. The renewal of promises is actually optional. It was granted to the US in place of the Creed with the Sacramentary years ago. Today, because the creed is expected in the rest of the world, the renewal of promises remains in our missal in the US, but as an option.

You might consider the sprinkling rite just to bless some water for the community. Then you could decide how you wish about the Creed / renewal of promises. Either is acceptable.