Cantor and groomsman

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Q: I am hoping I might trouble you for a brief question on liturgical practices pertaining to Catholic weddings.

My roommate is going to be a Groomsman in his best friend’s wedding. He has also been asked by the groom to be the wedding cantor. My roommate indicates that he not going to be paid for cantoring, and my roommate is also a practicing Catholic in full communion with the church.

I don’t believe there is any “law” dictating a conflict between the two roles, but I thought I might ask the expert. 🙂 Do you see any issue with a man acting as both groomsman and cantor at a wedding?


A: There is no conflict between being a groomsman and singing as cantor for the same wedding. As far as the liturgy is concerned, the groomsman is pretty much a decorative position. It’s the best man and maid/matron of honor who are the two main witnesses. Their role is more central.

Even so, there have been Catholic weddings where one of the principal witnesses sings. And recently two members of the Kansas City Symphony played their instruments for one number at their OWN wedding.

We hope that everyone who attends a Catholic wedding participates in the prayer. Your roommate should be able to do that in two beautiful ways.