Coadjutor bishop

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Q:  We were just given a coadjutor bishop, and I found myself offering Mass unexpectedly at the Cathedral on the day of the announcement. I said the ordinary’s name but quickly added the coadjutor’s name. I wasn’t prepared but thought since a bishop says something to the effect of, “me, your unworthy servant,” (which I have never seen in a liturgical text-maybe the Ceremonial of Bishops?) I said, …” N. our bishop and N. his successor.” 

I appreciate your insight so I can better prepare during this transition. 


A:  Congratulations on the new coadjutor.

Adding his name is up to you. The reference to the coadjutor is on p. 12 here: .

It doesn’t give a formula, but probably “N. our bishop and N. our coadjutor bishop.”