Presidential prayers

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Q:  Thank you for everything you do. I’ve noticed at Masses with the pope and some parishes, the priest will chant the dialogue and the people respond with the organ as an accompaniment. Is this allowed and if so where? 

Also, if the pope is the supreme legislator of the law (i.e., canon law), is he the supreme legislator of liturgical law? If he is, does that mean whatever he does in a liturgy (such as wearing a deacon stole during the washing of the feet) is permissible since he acted without a decree from the Dicastry of Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments? 

Thank you so much!


A:  GIRM 32 forbids the organ to accompany presidential prayers, but it does not forbid accompanying dialogues.

I’m not an expert in law, but I would not be quick to conclude that, because the pope does something, I can do it too.