Collection for the Holy Land

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  I had in my personal notes that a collection for the Holy Land is supposed to be taken sometime during the Good Friday Passion of the Lord service.  However, after looking through Glory in the Cross, the Green Ordo, and the small red print in Roman Missal 3rd edition, I cannot find a single sentence calling for it.  Perhaps you can update or enlighten me.  Or maybe 67 years are catching up with me!
Thanks for your consideration of this matter and may the Lord grant you a joyous Triduum and Easter.
A:  It’s a national collection. It’s not in the rubrics. I plan to do it after the solemn intercessions. You could do it after the adoration of the cross instead. There’s no official answer to the question when it should be taken up.

It’s for a good cause. We should support it.