Sprinkling rite

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  I wish to ask some questions with regards to the rite of sprinkling and blessing with Holy Water on Easter Sunday.  I had just watched the Easter Mass celebrated by the Pope and I note the following:

  1. The sprinkling was done at the beginning of Mass thus omitting the Penitential Rite
  2. There was no Renewal of Baptismal Promises hence no sprinkling of Holy Water.

I understand it is preferable that the Sprinkling Rite be at the beginning of the Mass for Easter as well as during the Sundays of Easter( if possible) however, might I know why the  Renewal of Baptismal Promises is omitted at this Pope’s Easter Mass? I supposed that it is possible – since it happened at the pope’s Mass, but might I know the explanation for it?

A:  The blessing and sprinkling of water may replace the penitential act at any Sunday mass. It is recommended for Easter. The renewal of baptismal promises on Easter Sunday morning was never in the post-Vatican II universal missal, but it was added in some regions, such as the United States. To this day the official Missal in Latin does not have the renewal of baptismal promises on Easter Sunday morning, but the bishops of the United States requested and received permission to include it as an option. The renewal of promises takes place at the Easter Vigil all over the world.