Conclusion of the gospel

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Q: Please explain why the Mass readings, be it two or three – weekday or solemnies/ Sundays) end differently in the English ptranslation from the Latin.

In the Latin text, ALL readings end with ‘ Verbum Domini’ which I understand in English is ‘The Word of the Lord.’ 

However, for the English text, the third reading (which is from one of the Gospels) ends with ‘ The Gospel of the Lord’, which I understand isn’t ‘Verbum Domini’. What is the reason for this change here – in translation for the English text? 

Thank you for caring to answer my questions always.


A: When ICEL reviewed the English translation for the Order of Mass in 2006, they considered changing the conclusion of the gospel to become more literal to the Latin and match the conclusion to the other readings. 

But the commission decided that keeping the adjusted translation after the Gospel would continue to serve as a cue for the people to make the correct response, which is different from the response they make after the readings. ICEL was also aware that the translations in Italian, Spanish, German and French had done the same thing.