Triduum in merged parishes

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Thank you for this wonderful blog, Father!  So informative! I suspect that you’ve addressed this matter before – but I was not able to find it in the blog archives…

Our parish was  created a few years ago through merging three parishes and was given a new name.  We are now one parish – with Mass celebrated each weekend in three churches.  To date, the practice has been to celebrate the entire Triduum in just one church each year. The question has been asked if it is permissible to celebrate the Triduum by celebrating one part in each church within the parish.  
It really is much simpler for the clergy and staff to deal with just one church location for the Triduum each year – and I’m aware that the Triduum is not to be split up between parishes.  Does that also hold for multiple churches within one parish?

Thanks so much!


A: Thanks for your support.

Here are some previous posts:

And check out the USCCB’s page, while clicking on “In the case of mission churches or cluster parishes.”

There isn’t much legislation on this.