Conditional baptism

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It’s the time of year during RCIA when conditional baptisms come to the forefront. 

I have a young woman whose mother is Catholic and her father Muslim. They lived in Turkey and her mother did not have access to a parish. She baptized her daughter at home and specifically noted that she did so in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The mother completed an affidavit about the baptism but it was never recorded at a parish. 

This young woman is in RCIA now to complete her sacramental initiation and is also preparing for marriage. The Deacon preparing her says we need to perform a conditional baptism in order to record the sacrament. That seems like an abuse of conditional baptism. 

Please advise. 

Here’s my article on conditional baptism:
I’m unfamiliar with the circumstances in Turkey, but that baptism should have been recorded in the records of the nearest Catholic Church. It still can and should be entered in those records.

As a point of information, your parish may note the location and date of the baptism, but the official record should be kept in a church in Turkey. It will take some homework, but it’s important to get it recorded properly.
Usually such a child should be brought to your parish church, and the priest or deacon uses Chapter VI of the Order of Baptizing Children: Order of Bringing a Baptized Child to the Church. The child should not be baptized again, neither absolutely nor conditionally.

But this child is now an adult. Under the circumstances, just prepare her for the other sacraments and put an indication in the parish records. But try to figure out a way to get the record established at a Catholic church in Turkey.