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Q: Thank you for all your insights, wisdom and recommendations!!

We read # 159 in LET US PRAY which  indicates that the corpus on the crucifix faces front for the procession in, but there isn’t any mention of the processional cross  in the section on the RECESSION.  If you mean that the corpus always faces front, toward the altar, the model for the recession is that the corpus does not so much lead us out as look at us going out. How should the corpus be facing during a Palm Sunday or other procession being led by the processional crucifix?

And does the same principle apply when we have the processional crucifix and candles lead us as we procession from station to station for our praying the stations of the cross?

Thank you!


A: I think the implication is that the corpus on the crucifix always faces front, no matter the procession. It’s not that the image of Christ faces the altar, it’s that it faces forward, and we follow after.