Matrimony without Mass

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Q: Thank you for continuing to educate and clear up confusion on liturgical questions.

I have a question relating to the Order of Matrimony Without Mass with a deacon officiating. In the Universal Payers rubric, section 103A c states: “if Holy Communion is not to be distributed, the Lord’s Prayer follows.” However section 106 states: “Then, if Holy Communion is not to be distributed, the minister immediately blesses the people, saying”… I assume that would end the service right there without an Our Father since the people were just blessed. So my question is, in Matrimony Without Mass, is the Our Father said? If so, would the Nuptial Blessing come before or after the Our Father? I also assume that we could use one of the solemn blessings instead of the one in 106, correct assumption? Just seems a little confusing.

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A: I covered this in my book Inseparable Love. If holy communion is not distributed, the Universal Prayer concludes with the Lord’s Prayer and the Nuptial Blessing follows. Then the minister blesses the people.

Yes, the Our Father is always said at Matrimony without Mass. The nuptial blessing in this instance follows.

Although 106 gives a very simple blessing over the people at the end, 116 says that you may use a solemn blessing.