Covid and Holy Week

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Q: Thank you for continuing to write on all things liturgical. I get your blog posts when the questions are put. I hope you are doing well in middle America!

I have a question: 

Last year, the Holy See issued a mandate for Holy Week and Triduum very late — it came on March 20. 

We are already deep into planning for Ash Wednesday, Lent, Triduum.
I’m wondering if from your “sources” do you have any hint if there may be a decree issued again abbreviating any pieces of Holy Week?   Prohibiting certain actions (like washing of the feet), Reverencing the cross, etc? 
Where I live is a real hotspot for COVID and we are not getting much guidance at all from headquarters here, or from Rome. 

Appreciate if you have any info. Thank you. 


A: I’ve heard of nothing yet from the Vatican’s CDWDS about Holy Week and the Triduum. For now, I think you can rely on the guidance that they gave last year. They tend to be wisely parsimonious with such advice. Overall, I’ve found their contributions this year quite pastoral and helpful.

I can recommend the website of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions. (I can recommend membership with them too.) They will quickly gather and post detailed directives that they receive.