Extending arms

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Q: A priest in our diocese asked me the following question: “What should concelebrants do with their arms during the Our Father embolism response, ‘For the kingdom, the power, and the …’ and the Prayer for Peace. Extend them upwards, fold their hands, it doesn’t matter are some options I’ve seen. Mostly just curious.”

Naturally I checked the Missal but there doesn’t seem to be an instruction for the concelebrants here. As you can see, he’s not urgently looking for a response, but now I’m curious. Thank you, as always, for your help. 


A: Concelebrants extend their arms while praying the Our Father, but keep their hand folded for the embolism, acclamation, and prayer for peace.

In general, they fold their hands for prayers that they do not say aloud. GIRM 238 has the principal extend his hands for that prayer, but does not give the same instruction to the concelebrants. See also Ceremonial of Bishops 160.

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