Day of dedication

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Q: Thank you for your advice on the myriad of topics that you cover.

Should we continue to recognize the independent church buildings’ days of dedication on our parish calendar now that we are “one parish”? 

Can/should the saints for whom the original buildings continue to be mentioned in the EP?

We now have a titular feast day (Divine Mercy).

Thanks for your help…


A: Any Catholic church building retains the title it received on its day of dedication, and if the building is in use, then its dedicatory title determines the solemnity in that church. Even if the parish community changes its name, the original title of the church determines the solemnity.

Divine Mercy, the Second Sunday of Easter, is already a solemnity, so there’s no confusion there. Saints from the original buildings may be mentioned in the Eucharistic Prayer and in the litany of the saints.