Deacons at Mass

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Q: It was a blessing to have you yesterday on our clergy workshop, I talked to you in regards Church documents mentioning if in a Mass after we have two or three Deacons to participate, if there is one or more extra Deacons if they can vest and proceed along with the concelebrant priests?
I will appreciate your help.


A: It was a pleasure to be with you all.

The GIRM presumes that deacons will vest and participate when they are present for Mass. So does the Ceremonial of Bishops. GIRM 179, for example, speaks about “several Deacons,” and deacons are expected to be ready to assist with holy communion (182).

The Ceremonial of Bishops (128) describes the procession when a bishop is presiding. One deacon carries the Book of the Gospels; other deacons follow two by two ahead of the concelebrants. Two more deacons accompany the bishop at the end. 

These documents make no provision for an unvested deacon. So, yes, extra deacons may vest and process.