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Q: Thank you for all your insightful commentary and guidance. We enjoy checking your previous topics to help us as we try to stay current with our liturgies. I am a new deacon and with Christmas over, our priest asked me to start now, preparing to sing the Exsultet. Our music director suggested watching previous online recordings of the Easter Vigil to hear a variety of performances.

Are there parts for the Easter Proclamation? We were watching a recording of the Easter Vigil from last year, and it sounded (recording was dark) like 2 or 3 people were switching throughout the prayer.  Is this proper? I know it is a long hymn, but with practice, shouldn’t one person be able to sing this prayer?  Or would it be better for one person to recite if they can’t sing it in its entirety? I am the only deacon in our parish. We have never seen this before and would appreciate your clarification.


A: There is no provision for multiple voices to share the Exsultet. The tradition and integrity of the proclamation calls for a single singer. 

Here’s a video of me singing it a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7eAa5KG7mk .