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Q: Thank you for all your liturgical expertise!  

Since it is now 2023, do we change the # of the year that is currently on last year’s Easter candle?  it of course says 2022.  We always get an extra ‘stick-on’ year tab for the next year when we purchase an Easter candle.  Do we change the year to match the calendar year each January, or leave the year on the candle to correspond to the year in which the Easter Vigil was celebrated and the candle placed in the church?

Thank you for your help.


A: No, the new year’s number appears on the paschal candle for the first time at the Easter Vigil. It identifies the year associated with the candle.

Take a look here: . Number 82 says that the paschal candle is to “be renewed each year.” That means that the paschal candle of the previous year does not continue its service once Easter arrives. One sign of the new life of resurrection is a fresh candle each year, inscribed at the Vigil with a permanent incision giving that cancel its unique designation for the year. It is retired from service when Easter comes.