Extraordinary lay ministers

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Do we need a permission from the bishop for those who serve as regular extraordinary lay ministers, who  bring communion to the homebound or to the sick every week ? Or can the pastor authorize them ? In Viet Nam, we have to ask permission from the Bishop for those who serve as regular extraordinary lay minister every year


See the Vatican document On Certain Questions on Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priest (various offices of the Vatican 1997), 8 §1: “A non-ordained member of the faithful, in cases of true necessity, may be deputed by the diocesan bishop, using the appropriate form of blessing for these situations, to act as an extraordinary minister to distribute Holy Communion.”

To me, that indicates that the bishop is somehow involved – even if it just means that the ministers participate in diocesan training. Your bishop may have specific procedures, so follow those.