Final blessing

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Q: There is another practice by a priest in our community wherein he omits the final blessing for lauds for Good Friday and Holy Saturday when he presides. I cannot, however, find support for this omission. I remember that when I presided the year before over the same offices (I am a transitional deacon), he later on told me not to impart the final blessing because the Lord has died or has entered into His Passion or something to that effect. Can you please weigh in on this since there is nothing indicated in the rubrics for this omission. Thank you so much Father!


A: You’re correct that no rubric eliminates the blessing from Morning and Evening Prayer on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. It is true that the Mass of the Lord’s Supper and the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord conclude without the customary blessing of a Mass, but those rubrics do not therefore apply to the Liturgy of the Hours, which has its own rules.

But if it keeps peace among those who are praying in community, the omission is not the worst thing. The blessing would naturally be omitted from the same offices when led by a layperson any day of the year. A spirit of charity and peace should guide these days.