First Holy Communion

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Q: My pastoral assistant wants the first Holy Communion children to be involved in the Mass and has suggested they sing a song for the penitential act.  I’ll introduce it as normal, Dear Brothers etc then a song sung by the kids. It seems lengthy to me.

It’s a Sunday Mass. Is this appropriate or too much?  They’re doing thank you prayers, the readings and an agnus dei which everyone can join in on.


A: The Directory for Masses with Children gives considerable flexibility that permits this. See #40, for example. But it’s in the chapter of Masses with Children in Which Only a Few Adults Participate. 

Still, #19 gives the bishop authority to permit those adaptations for other Masses when “the number of children is large.” For something that extensive, and assuming that adults will outnumber children at this Mass, I think this would require his OK.

Blessings on you and your ministry.