Posture during Liturgy of the Hours

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Q: In your blog post of 28 April about posture in the Liturgy of the Hours you wrote: “There are no directions pertaining to kneeling or bowing.”

But Ceremonial of Bishops has in n. 68, under the heading “Signs of Reverence in General”:
“a bow of the head is made at the name of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saint in whose honour the Mass or the liturgy of the hours is being celebrated;”

The instructions about the position of the hands in this chapter also apply to the Liturgy of the Hours (104-109). 

It also has in Part III, Chapter 1 Celebration of Evening Prayer on Major Solemnities:
“195 On entering the sanctuary (chancel), all make a deep bow to the altar two by two (or genuflect before the reserved blessed sacrament), then go to their places.”

“208 The bishop leaves the chair (cathedra), wearing the miter and carrying the pastoral staff, and, as circumstances suggest, kisses the altar. The presbyters and all in the sanctuary (chancel) also reverence the altar. All return to the vesting room (sacristy) in procession, following the order in which they entered.”


A: Thanks, this is helpful. I had not checked the ceremonial.