Holy Hour Adoration

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Q: I do a Holy Hour in my rectory everyday. I have been doing Adoration because I use a chapel monstrance inside the Tabernacle, so I just open the door to my Tabernacle and have Adoration. However, with reviewing the rubrics for Adoration, I am never using incense, no candles are lit, no Benediction is done, etc. I simply open my Tabernacle door, do Adoration, then shut the door. Am I correct to say that this is wrong? If yes, should I just be enjoying our Lord’s Presence in my daily Holy Hour by keeping the door closed?


A: Here’s a previous post on my blog: https://paulturner.org/adoration-and-exposition-2/

I drew the conclusion from an article by Father Edward McNamara. I think you would be more faithful to the rubrics by doing your commendable holy hour with the tabernacle door closed.