Introduction to the Mass

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Q: Thanks Paul for your ever helpful counsel.

On another matter, can a permanent/deacon lead the introductory welcome to the Mass, after priest intones the Sign of the Cross…and then lead option 3 of Penetential Act.

Can the deacon also share with a lay person the proclamation of the Prayersof the Faithful.



A: Regarding the introduction to the Mass, a deacon or another minister may give it. In my book, Let Us Pray, I’ve argued in favor of giving it to someone besides the priest, but I admit I do not practice that.

However, the introduction to the penitential act is something else. That belongs to the priest. That’s probably why I give the intro to the Mass—I join these into one.

In theory, a lay person could share the Universal Prayer petitions with a deacon. I’ve seen it done in bilingual Masses, for example. But I don’t think it’s a good practice on a regular basis. All things being equal, the deacon says the petitions.