Joined hands

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Q: GIRM 259 indicates that hands are joined for “Let us Pray” and extended afterward.  Are the hands to remain extended through the doxology (ex. “Through Our Lord…”)  and the Amen, or are we to join them again for these?   For example at the closing of the Eucharistic prayers, we join our hands (i.e. when saying, “through your Son, Jesus Christ” in Eucharistic Prayer II). Thank you!


A: The rubrics at GIRM 54 and 259 are silent on this point, so is Order of Mass 9. 

However, the Ceremonial of Bishops says in 136 that the bishop joins his hands when he concludes the collect with the words “through our Lord Jesus Christ” or other words. Then the people answer Amen.

That would logically apply to priests.