Procession with a ciborium

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Q: During a recent Eucharistic Revival team meeting, a question arose that I did not know – nor have any idea where one might find an answer.

One priest shared that in his pilgrimage to Medjugorje, during Eucharistic adoration, the luna (lunette) with the consecrated, exposed host was processed and not the overly heavy, 4-persons-to-place-it-on-the-altar Monstrance properly prepared.

I stated I believed, even though it was done there, that is not an acceptable practice of Catholic teaching.  However, I stated it was only my opinion and I didn’t know for certain.  

Thus, could you please provide us with a reference? 



A: Looking at Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass, I see at 97 and 99 that adoration and benediction may take place either with a monstrance or a ciborium. 

In the section on eucharistic processions (101-108) there are references to the “blessed sacrament” but I do not see a reference to the kind of vessel.

Procession with a ciborium, or by extension the lunette (luna), appears to be acceptable.