Layperson homilies

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Q:  I’ve been getting increasing requests that a woman speak at homily time. Some would like her to address the issue of clerical abuse in the Church; others would just like to hear a woman speaking, I suppose as a balance to clericalism. Others suggested that it be a father who speak on Father’s Day; a mother who would speak on Mother’s Day; a catechist who would speak on Catechetical Sunday.  Things like that.

I know this will come up at our Liturgy Committee meeting tomorrow.  What is our present diocesan position on this?


A:  The diocesan position is the same as the position of the universal church. Only a priest or deacon gives a homily. Even financial pitches that laymen used to give during homily time have been moved to another position in the mass.

I think it would be sufficiently in keeping with GIRM 31 that a layperson give an introduction to the readings before they begin. Or an introduction to the mass after the greeting by the priest. Especially the intro to the scriptures could be long enough to give people a chance to share some thoughts in light of the readings about to be proclaimed.

Or use the announcement time at the end of mass. That’s the default solution.