Lectionary for Mass

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Q: So, we are sitting quietly by ourselves, and important, long-unanswered questions arise.

I would like some direction to reading which describes the compiling of the 1969 Lectionary for Mass.  Do you have suggestions for me?

Thanks, and stay well.


A: Golly, you could at least be playing video games.

For starters, read the Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass. It’s one of those things at your fingertips that few people consult. It will tell you a lot about the design of the book.

For more detail on the development of the lectionary, see Bugnini’s book: https://www.amazon.com/Reform-Liturgy-1948-1975-Annibale-Bugnini/dp/0814615716.  He’s got a chapter in there. And he tells you who the people were on the subgroup that developed the work.

Please stay well yourself.