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Q: Yet another question concerning the liturgy. Actually, this question isn’t about the liturgy so much as a question about resources. A very good friend of mine has been appointed the head of her parish Liturgy  Committee and chief sacristan (only sacristan). She is a lay person and has had no training in liturgy at all. She is a lifelong Catholic, but that’s not quite the same.

Can you recommend a good resource for her which will answer basic questions about preparing for the different Masses and liturgies during the course of the year? I am sure you have a book or two that she would find useful. In fact, I’m sure we all would. 

Thank you for all of your help over the last year, and I hope that you have had a blessed Christmas and that you will have a peaceful and healthy new year.


A: There are many resources, but I recommend the series I co-authored for Liturgy Training Publications.  Here’s a page from my website – Look for the titles that begin “Guide for…” such as Liturgy Committees, Sacristans, and Celebrating Mass.

Thanks for asking.